– Sample of our Menu –

[ Featuring our Seasonal favorites ]



Filet Mignon “Au Poivre”

Grilled filet with Pommes Frites served in a black peppercorn cream and cognac sauce

Saumon Grillé

Grilled salmon in garlic cream sauce on bed of asparagus with fingerling potatoes

Lasagne à la Francaise

Crepe filled with bolagnaise and béchamel sauce baked with mozzarella

Poulet Rôti

Oven roasted bone-in-chicken breast with mushroom sauce and side of mashed potatoes and haricots verts

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Quiche Lorraine

Traditional French quiche with ham and cheese, served with light salad

Assiette de Charcuterie

Assorted pates, cold sausage and goat cheese, served with light salad

Croque Monsieur

White bread toasted with ham, cheese and béchamel sauce, served with side salad
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Our soups can be ordered individually for $11 or with side salad, dessert and glass of wine (or beer, soda or coffee) for $25

Our famous Soupe l’Oignon is +1